So juiced

I recently started making green juice and while the nutritional value and taste are things I appreciate about it, nothing beats actually making it. Cooking in general is so therapeutic for me. Maybe it's the perfectionist in me or maybe it's the occasional neat-freak that comes out but I love cleaning and dicing up the fruit and veggies. At the same time I don't follow any specific recipe. I just chop and drop and KNOW that it's going to taste great. So there's the adventurous side of all this. 


I don't have a juicer but I'm determined to get one or at least get a better blender (I got this one for $15 at goodwill). My process for making juice is quite extensive: first I dice up the veggies and fruits, blend it until pretty much smooth, strain it into a bowl and then pour the juice through a funnel into a bottle. Yeah I know. So unnecessary. But like I said its kind of therapeutic. 


I thought I'd share the two juices I made today. You'll love my titles (I don't think Ethan will haha). 

Orange is the New Green Juice

3 carrots or a small bag of baby carrots

Can of pineapple chunks and juice

A nickel sized piece of ginger


 I'm Getting Green Juiced

2 apples (whatever colors you want, I mix green and red sometimes) 

3 stalks of celery

1 cucumber

A handful of mint

A handful of spinach. Maybe two handfuls



I'm no expert but I do research and I found that juice isn't necessarily "healthier" than smoothies. Of course it comes down to what you put in your juices and smoothies but if you're sticking to just fresh fruits and vegetables, I think you get more from smoothies. You have the fiber and nutrients in smoothies. My roommate loves the left over pulp and actually so do I. It's actually quite refreshing to eat. But I want to try to maybe use that pulp for other recipes. Bread? Donuts? Cookies? Pancakes? Funny I think of carbs and sweets. I guess this will be my next project!