I'm a simple woman

I don't expect much. I don't need expensive things. Nor do I need to be pampered. I revel in the simplicities of life such as the breeze that blows my hair away from my face. The smell of my roommate's coffee to reassure me that she is there-- awake and lively. Socks, clean socks. And most of all, at least for right now, I revel in the simplicity that is a tater tot and cheddar cheese waffle. Mmmm soigne.

The trick to this tater tot and cheddar cheese waffle is butter and keeping it in the waffle press longer than you think necessary. Just kidding leave it in there at 20 minutes MAX. 

Here's my process:

1. Heat tater tots in the microwave for about 1 to 2 minutes until they're a little soft to the touch (be careful they might be really hot)

2. Using a basting brush, coat the inside of the waffle press with melted butter. Or if you're like me and don't want to use more dishes take a stick of butter and rub it on the inside of the waffle press while it's hot. If you don't have a stick of butter you can also just take a glob of butter from the plastic tub with a napkin and carefully spread that onto the inside of the waffle press.

3. Working with some hustle, quickly place cheddar cheese right on the waffle press and then place an even layer of tater tots right on top, packed close together. 

4. Then place cheddar cheese on top.

5. Close the waffle press until it can almost close completely. 

You have to be a little patient as the waffle cooks. The tater tots have to get hot and mashed together and the cheese has to melt and then crust up to bind the tots together. After 15 to 20 minutes you should have a tater tot waffle that is ready to come out. Carefully take the waffle out with a spatula and knife and or fork. You could use tongs but I started to do that and it the waffle broke a part. It takes practice so don't get upset if you don't get it right away. 

I whipped up low-sodium ketchup, curry powder and little bit of all-natural, dairy-free mayonnaise sauce to dip it in. I wasn't a fan of the sauce but my friends seemed to like it. 

I wonder what else I should waffle. My friend, Vu, who is also an avid experimental home cook, told me to try "waffling" spam musubi! We shall see!