Today's craft

Merry Christmas!! Had a good day having my little family in Bellevue for Christmas! My parents went back to Oak Harbor and my brother went to work (poor thing). So I'm a home body tonight and feeling inspired. Christmas is drawing to a close and 2016 will be here sooner than I can say happy new year.

I have a lot of goals for the New Year, one of them being "create something every day whether big or small." We don't grow into creativity, we grow out of it (said someone very smart and inspirational.. Not me. Altough, yes, I know I'm smart and inspirational- ok you get the point). That thought is really scary, so at all costs do something creative often. And don't be like how I used to be, where I wouldn't do creative things because I felt I wasn't good at them. The beautiful process of creating is that it never has to be a certain way, just your own. Just try and keep reworking until YOU are proud of it. 

I have had some frames on hand for such a long time that I never filled with photos. Thanks to Instagram and Facebook, sadly I just don't print photos as much as I used to. As I was tidying my living room my eyes stopped at the box filled with different sized black frames collecting dust under the coffee table. Tonight I decided to do something with them. 


The first frame is my attempt at some fancy lettering. It's an ironic little gem. Because of a few special friends I have a taking for mocking silly phrases adolescents use these days. But I really like "it's lit." It's a phrase that fits a lot of awkward and awesome moments in my life. The second frame is some practical information that most people ask me. I thought it might be a good thing to frame and place on my coffee table. Not that I don't like answering the question "what's your wifi?" But it is a creative way to show guests that I'm thinking of them and their social media needs when they're at my place. 

I hope everyone's holiday was wonderful!