Try it! Vivo 53 opens in Bellevue

If you ask me where all the good Italian restaurants are I will tell you in Naples. Italy. And I'm just being a snob when I say that (I was born there and grew up there for part of my life). I have to give it up to some Italian-inspired cuisine spots in Seattle. The Pink Door and Assagio Ristorante are about the only Italian restaurants I've been to and they were pretty decent, not to mention, Il Pulcinella pizza in South Seattle. So I'm looking forward to trying more. 

I'm just going to go ahead and say it- Downtown Bellevue isn't quite a dining destination if you ask me. There's so much we can improve upon and I think we are getting there. For example I don't really hear anyone pining for anything in Downtown Bellevue if it's not Din Tai Fung. It's nice to have a better option for Italian food here finally. And even so, it's still not local, it's still has a bit of a Bellevue-esque feel and price, but the food is pretty good. And Maggiano's can suck it. I just want to get that out of the way right now.

I went to Vivo 53 on a special day. They were doing a Family and Friends day for their soft opening and so lunch was on the house. I was lucky to get an appetizer, entree and dessert for free. Thanks, Vivo! 

Roasted bone marrow was a real treat and unexpected. Ok, ok, so you're a little sophisticated, Vivo. I like that. The marrow was delicious. However it could have been cleaned a little better and the bread was a little too hard. Toasted to a brick.

I wanted to go with a classic pizza, or one of the classics, so burrata was my choice of entree. A yeasty dough was topped with tomato sauce, prosciutto, burrata, rucola and grana padana. The sauce was delicious. A little bit sweeter than I expected but it was nice. I wished the crust wasn't so big and I wished they tore the prosciutto into smaller pieces. Sometimes when you have fresh prosciutto on pizza, bigger pieces are hard to bite through and your bite drags it off the pizza. Other than that it was really delicious!

Read this carefully: THIS PASTA WAS BOMB. The Vivo Truffle Fettuccine is a heavenly bowl of fresh pasta (well it was made fresh but shipped to Bellevue), truffle bolognese and white truffle oil. I just couldn't get enough. But I had to only get enough because this wasn't my food. It was Ethan's. Lol.

Overall I was impressed with Vivo 53 and I will definitely go back- on special occasions. I'll stick to my regular pizza spots at Pagliacci and MOD Pizza.