Try it! Tallulah's

Brunch is my favorite meal! I'm not sure if anyone really dislikes brunch. After a long week of work and a night of partying it's nice to sleep in on the weekend and know that brunch is served until at least 2 in the afternoon at several places in Seattle. Brunch is your best friend. It doesn't judge you for what you did last night. It thanks you for the work you did in the week and it wishes the best "good morning!" 

Brunch this past weekend happened at Tallulah's in Capitol Hill. Upon entering I knew I'd love the place because there was a large painting to the right of a beautiful white, long-haired cat. The setting was a trendy mesh of modern minimalist with retro accents. Little owl salt and pepper shakers added just enough cuteness to the place.

The menu is simple but the complexity is in the ingredients and the chef is driven by seasonal veggies. The omelette stuck out to me because of the fried shallots. I've never seen that on an omelette. The plate was refined yet whimsical as in it wasn't messy but there wasn't too much thought in how the dish should have been plated.

It was hard to pinpoint the star ingredient of the dish. The fried shallots were a nice touch. Crunchy with a sweet, mild onion flavor. Sometimes when onions are fried they can become bitter. The ham, cured in-house, was salty, thick and tender. The egg was fluffy. The potatoes must have been fried twice. Really flavorful, not oily like some potatoes can be on other brunch plates (cough, cough 520 Bar & Grill) and crunchy.

I also got the beet juice which was such a treat! I will say that it was almost too sweet for me but the nice blend of beet, apple, carrot and ginger was a nice fresh, palette cleanser.

Ethan got the eggs benedict. I usually get the that for brunch but the omelette really stuck out and it was a good choice. I only tasted the hollandaise which was phenomenal. Some hollandaise can be too zesty and sour but this was smooth, buttery with hints of toffee. That was unexpected but it added another layer of richness that wasn't too heavy.

Overall Tallulah's was delightful. The plate was nicely composed and I left feeling satisfied and happy, not full and lethargic. 

Thanks Tallulah! I'll make sure to come back for brunch, dinner, happy hour and that cat painting.