I worked at the farmers market this past summer and it was awesome

Some of you may not know this but I enjoy working a lot. I enjoy overworking. But I am blessed with the ability to choose/seek really good and meaningful work. What do I mean by this? Well when you sit down to do a task and you find yourself losing track of time, just working one more minute to find something that works, that fits, that makes sense and when you do you feel this sense of relief, excitement and accomplishment wash over you that you want to keep going just to see if you can make it even better-- that's meaningful work for you. It's challenging, engaging and you keep seeking ways to understand the work and make it better. It's a passion.

I find that in my current job and I love it. And I also hate it. But I love it. That's my kind of passion.

Anyway, since I love to work when the opportunity to take up a weekend job at the Farmers Market turned up, I took it. And honestly it was a breather from everything else I did and it was an enriching experience.

I work up early on Saturdays. Some people might find waking up at 7:30 fairly normal but not for me. I'm not going to lie, it was a struggle sometimes. But it would all be worth it when I completed my big wall of kale. I get so much joy and satisfaction from placing vegetables in the right spot.

I also enjoyed making signs for vegetable descriptions and their prices. I practiced lettering and while I still suck at it, it was fun trying and drawing cheesy pictures. 


One thing I really loved about working at the farmers market was that even though we were selling produce it was not a retail experience at all. People had genuine conversations with you and there was a trust they had in you when it came to choosing the best produce. I particularly loved when people asked how I prepared the vegetables. So I would go off on all the ways I prepared eggplant, beets, sunflower sprouts and so on. 

Finally, I couldn't have had a better partner to work with! Glenn was quirky, kind and selfless. I'm so mad at him for going to Canada but I know it's for the best. So I guess I'm happy. HAHA

And finally, finally, farmers market vendors are the best people you'll ever meet so be nice to them. They are such hard workers. They cultivate this land so you can have quality goods in your life. Show some respect. Also, word up to Sam Choy's Poke to the Max food truck and Don Lucho's Food Cart for hooking it up with the foodz.